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Full Bright Functional Smile

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Family Dentistry

The Perch,
Cross & Newgate Streets

P.O. Box 1421
St. John's,
Antigua & Barbuda.

Phone: 268- 462- 0058
Fax: 268- 462- 2777
Email: appts@FamilyDentistryComplete.com



Are you embarrassed of your stained teeth? Are your yellow teeth not allowing you to smile confidently? Do you envy people with a bright white smile? Do you want to gain back your full bright functional smile? Do you need that whiter looking teeth back? Family Dentistry Complete can help you and we are here to provide you with top-notch dental care services that will help you regain your healthy white set of teeth.

We lose our white teeth and our confident beautiful smile along the way. There could be number of reasons why we end up with stained yellow teeth. One of the main reasons that takes away our sparkling white smile is poor dental hygiene. Many of us simply fail to take care of our teeth and only when it is too late, we start worrying. If you too have been failing to take care of your teeth or if you have not been practicing good dental hygiene, it can result in stained teeth, gum related issues and even tooth loss. Save yourself from all such risks, contact us today for your dental checkup and restore your teeth to its original beauty.

How to save your teeth from bad stains and from other dental problems that make you lose your full bright functional smile? It is simple, regular visits to your dentist will save you from most of the problems.


Poor oral care will not only result in stained teeth but it will also affect the general health of your gums and teeth resulting in dental cavities, rotten teeth besides other dental issues. This will also result in premature loss of teeth. Regular visits to our dental office will help you and your entire family enjoy good dental health. Our experienced dentist Dr. Maxwell Francis will provide you with professional dental care and consultation.

Having your teeth examined regularly will help in identifying the problems at an early stage. Identifying the problems at an early stage will help you take correct action against the cause preventing further damage to your teeth. Recently it is also strongly believed that good dental hygiene will lower the risk of dementia.

Do not delay your appointment with your dentist at Family Dentistry Complete. The effects of poor dental hygiene are far reaching. We can help you maintain a healthy set of teeth and help you restore your full bright functional smile. Moreover, regular visits to our dental office will save you from more expensive dental issues. Let us help you!


All of us here at Family Dentistry Complete is dedicated to offering the best dental healthcare services. You will find our staff friendly yet professional, eager to assist you. We guarantee complete satisfaction with all our dental healthcare services.

We make use of advanced strategies that will put your bright white smile back on your face. We make your visits to your dentist stress free and hassle free. Call us today for your appointment with the most reputed dentist in town.