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Do you want to get your misaligned teeth aligned but have you been postponing your visit to your dentist? You are not alone, many people for the fear of wearing orthodontic braces or dental braces, which are uncomfortable in so many ways, hesitate to go to their dentist for their teeth straightening or teeth alignment needs. Orthodontic braces were used to overcome number of teeth and jaw related problems but not without putting up with certain amount of discomforts. If you too have been facing such problems, then you need not have to worry because at Family Dentistry Complete we offer excellent alternative treatment to orthodontic braces, which will save you from all the discomforts of braces but get you all the benefits of braces.


Invalisign is one of the most effective ways of dealing with teeth misalignment problems. Our experienced orthodontic expert Dr. Maxwell Francis will work with you closely to help you set right your misaligned teeth and the other related dental problems. One of the advantages of using Invalisign is that it is almost invisible. Others will not know that you are under orthodontic treatment.

Unlike the dental braces, you can remove the Invalisign aligners when you are eating, brushing your teeth or flossing. You do not have to stay away from your favorite food any longer just because you are using the aligners, you can continue to enjoy your favorite food. Invalisign is one of the most preferred forms of treatment today and you too can enjoy the effectiveness of this treatment. Call us for an appointment and for your consultation with Dr. Maxwell Francis to learn how Invalisign can help you.

When you are opting for your Invalisign treatment, it is important that you work only with an experienced expert. Get in touch with us today for your appointment with one of the most reputed orthodontic experts in town. Our expert will walk you through the virtual treatment plan and see how your teeth will look once the entire treatment is completed.

Invalisign treatment will work with all age groups and for all types of dental alignment problems. Your initial appointment with your dentist will shed more light on your treatment and its effectiveness.


Family Dentistry Complete is here to provide you and your family with friendly and effective dental healthcare services. If you want to improve your dental health or to improve your dental aesthetics, get in touch with us right away. We have all the latest facilities in our dental office to provide you with the most advanced dental healthcare treatments.

All our dental treatment plans are very reasonably priced. We always aim at providing the most effective services at low prices. You do not have to live with your dental problems any longer. We will be able to correct all types of dental misalignment problems effectively. Say goodbye to mouth aberrations and other discomforts of orthodontic braces today. Take advantage of the expertise of our orthodontist and the latest technology available in the dental healthcare industry.