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Kids and Teeth

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Dental health and dental hygiene are greatly important for kids as they are growing up. Poor dental hygiene and poor dental care lead to many dental issues at a later stage in life. One of the natural processes that kids cross during their childhood is the loss of their teeth. Baby teeth or the primary teeth are lost as kids grow up and this is one of the most important phase in the child’s dental growth process.

When a child is about six years old the baby teeth loosen and fall out. Permanent teeth start emerging in place of the primary teeth. It is noted that girls tend to lose their baby teeth much earlier than boys do. The process, which sets on by the age of six, ends by the age of twelve or thirteen.

Baby teeth normally fall in a specific pattern and they fall out in the same order in which they grew. The lower central incisors are lost first, that is the two bottom front teeth. This is followed by the upper central incisors or top two front teeth. This sequence is followed by the lateral incisors, first molars, canines and the second molars.


As a parent, it is important that you keep a tab on the loss of these baby teeth or primary teeth. If your child is losing their primary teeth at an age much earlier than the natural age of primary teeth loss then there could be other reasons for the same. Your child could be losing his or her teeth due to tooth decay or due to a fall, he or she had, then it is important to take your child to a dentist to get the dental health of your child examined. As far as your child’s dental health is concerned, you should not postpone the visit to your dentist if you notice something suspicious. Timely attention can save your child from painful dental problems and expensive dental procedures in the future.

Make sure that you are taking your child to a reliable dentist in your area. Your dentist should be a licensed and qualified practitioner with good reputation. One of the most popular dentists for kids dental healthcare needs is Dr. Maxwell Francis. He has a well-equipped dental office with friendly staff.


Besides untimely falling of primary teeth, there could be other dental problems that are associated with your kids dental health during this phase of their life. Whenever a new, permanent tooth is emerging, you need to make sure that it is not crooked. If the space between the teeth is limited then the new tooth that is emerging may end up crooked. Here again it is best to get your kid examined by your dentist to that you can identify issues well in advance and recommend the right treatment so that your child grows up with a decent set of teeth. Above all, teach your child good dental hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing of teeth.