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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Do you want your wisdom tooth to be extracted? Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common dental healthcare process. If you have been postponing your wisdom tooth extraction just because it is a painful process, you need not have to panic. Dr. Maxwell Francis, one of the most experienced dentists in the region will make the wisdom tooth extraction process as less painful as possible. He comes with several years of dental healthcare experience and has handled numerous cases on wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom tooth extraction may be required in a number of instances. Our experienced dentist will review your condition and advise whether you should go for wisdom tooth extraction or for any other alternative treatment procedure. We are one of the most trusted dental offices and you can approach us confidently knowing that we will always act keeping your best interests in mind.

Let us look at the instances in which you may have to go for wisdom tooth extraction:

  • If your wisdom tooth is rotten or broken, you will have to go for the extraction of the affected tooth.
  • Sometimes, the wisdom tooth that emerges from the gums emerge crooked, your tooth may be growing at an angle, forward, backward or sideways.
  • If your wisdom tooth is impacted, you may have to go for extraction to prevent infection and to prevent damage to the other teeth.
  • For some people the wisdom tooth can emerge partially through the gum, as this can lead to serious infections, you may have to go for wisdom tooth extraction.


There could be many other reasons besides the above listed ones whereby you may be required to get your wisdom tooth extracted. This however will have to be decided by your dentist. Get your dentist appointment today for a personal review and consultation.

At Family Dentistry, we offer the best dental healthcare services. You can get your wisdom tooth extracted at a reasonable price. You will not only be enjoying the best dental healthcare services here at Family Dentistry but you will also be charged very reasonably.

Does the process involve local or general anesthesia?

Yes, wisdom tooth extraction can be a painful process and depending on your case, the dentist may use local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Our chief dentist Dr. Maxwell Francis will review your medical history and only when it is established that it is safe to use anesthesia in your case, it will be administered to you.

How Long Does It Take To Heal After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

In normal circumstances, the patient will recover within few days. You will be prescribed painkillers during the recovery phase. Bleeding is to be expected for about 24 hours and if it should continue to persist after 24 hours, you are required to seek your dentist’s assistance. At Family Dentistry, you will be given detailed instructions for post surgery care.

Get in touch with us today to get your dentist’s appointment and enjoy the best dental healthcare services.